News release from the USS Lexington Museum.
News release from the USS Le...

--The Good Luck Flag Repatriation Ceremony will take place aboard the USS Lexington Museum on Thursday, July 20th, at 9:00am. This ceremony is open to the public.---

Japanese Good Luck Flag Repatriation Ceremony

USS Lexington Museum – Hangar Bay

Thursday, July 20, 2023

USS Lexington Museum is working in partnership with the OBON SOCIETY to repatriate the flag back to Japan for the flag to be reunited with the soldier’s surviving family members. OBON SOCIETY is a non-profit organization that over the past 13 years has repatriated more than 500 flags back to Japanese families and communities. The organization’s founders, Rex and Keiko Ziak, will act as representatives of the family to bring their long-lost patriarch home, including a ceremonial reuniting with his wife who recently passed at the age of 102. Representatives from OBON SOCIETY and the USS Lexington Museum will then accompany the flag on its journey back to Japan and the family.