Triad City Beat featured our effort: 「寄せ書き日の丸(遺霊品)」返還について取り上げて頂きました
This yosegaki h...

This yosegaki hinomaru, or “good luck flag” was found in the Greensboro History Museum’s attic in 2023. Flags like these were often sent off with young Japanese soldiers prior to being deployed during WWII. (photo by Sayaka Matsuoka)

Triad City Beat featured our effort: 「寄せ書き日の丸(遺霊品)」返還について取り上げて頂きました
Japanese WWII flags found by the GSO History Museum tell the story of loss, family trauma and reconciliation (BY SAYAKA MATSUOKA / JUNE 27TH, 2024)
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