Introducing our "Intimate Stories" Video Project
Introducing our "Intimate Stori...

For many years we have been aware that the peaceful work of OBON SOCIETY involves much more than merely the return of personal items to bereaved families in Japan. Most people do not realize it but our work frequently must deal with PTSD and lingering grief, and the scope of our work is often at the forefront of international relations and post-war reconciliation.

Now, with the upcoming 75th Anniversary of the end hostilities between America and Japan, it is time to reveal the broader scope of our work. To illustrate this we have directly contacted families who sent us items to return and we asked them to tell us their story.
We recorded their conversation and have edited each interview into a three-minute clip that we will present for you to see and hear. Soon, for the first time ever, you will be able to hear from the sons and daughters of WWII veterans as well as the grandchildren, nieces and nephews as they reveal their memories and family histories revolving around the WWII veteran in their lives. One week you might hear from an Iraqi War veteran talking about his grandfather and the next week the daughter of a Bataan survivor. Each story is unique and deeply personal but all share the same link of the family wanting to return to Japan the "war trophies" their relative brought home and to live in peace.

We call this series, "OBON SOCIETY: Intimate Stories". Starting July 10th we will publish two interviews every week throughout July and August, and maybe beyond.
NEW: If you would like to hear a brief story of how this project came about click this link to hear from the President of OBON SOCIETY as he describes this upcoming series.

NEW: If you would like to watch our brand-new video titled "Give Peace a Chance" you will see the most comprehensive account of our activity ever recorded.

OBON SOCIETY: Intimate Stories
Episode 1
Cathy Hoff
On Friday, July 10th we’ll introduce you to Cathy Hoff. Her father served in WWII and was one very tough guy. During our interview, Cathy told us he was awarded two purple hearts but afterward contacted us to alter that statement. She said her brother, a Vietnam veteran, immediately corrected her and proudly declared...."Dad was wounded four times! He had four Purple Heart medals!"