March 2021 Newsletter
March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter

What is new with OBON?

Due to COVID-19, we weren't able to do any traveling, so we decided to take this time to focus on organizing OBON's foundation! Since the pandemic, people have been inside and cleaning out their home, which led to many donating flags.
During the last year, OBON SOCIETY has received 291 flags!
Last year, in July of 2020, OBON began the original series "Intimate Stories." The set of personal accounts of those in America helps showcase the viewpoint of those who are returning flags. Since we started the series, we were able to share over 35 unique and individual stories!

A closer look at: Episode 26- Dale Denton

"I'm going to do at least the most honorable thing I can do, and I'm going to return it because it meant something to somebody."

Dale Denton recalls seeing the good-luck flag as a teenager and found out it was from her uncle Victor who was in the Army who had brought it back after WWII. She believed it was a simple souvenir from the war.

During house cleaning for her father, she found the flag again and began to wonder what the flag was and what it meant. After digging, she realized the true meaning behind a good-luck flag and said, "this isn't a souvenir..."

More digging led Dale to find OBON SOCIETY, where she donated the flag in hopes of returning the flag to the family.

"It's beautiful when we can make connections with each other... This is a very meaningful connection." Dale says after sharing her story.

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OBON Words from our community:

"Thank you [OBON SOCIETY] for all that you do. To be able to bring comfort to families in the name of peace is not only beautiful, but inspiring."

"So glad this family has this [good-luck flag], and closure, thank you..."

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