In 2017, American Veteran Marvin Strombo embarked on a deeply poignant journey, personally returning the Yosegaki Hinomaru (Non-Biological Human Remains) he had brought back from WWll to the family of the fallen soldier to whom it belonged. Upon receiving our letter informing him of this significant act of reconciliation, Admiral Harris promptly responded, expressing his steadfast support for OBON SOCIETY's vital mission. Moved by the story of this heartfelt return, he shared it with the Public Affairs team at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan, highlighting the profound importance of OBON's work in fostering national reconciliation and communication. 

In 2014, James O'Leary wrote a letter to OBON SOCIETY on behalf of Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, who was serving as the American ambassador to Japan at the time. The letter conveys Ambassador Kennedy's endorsement of OBON's noble goals centered around peace and reconciliation. It also hightlights the resonance of these objectives with the enduring legacy of her father, President John F. Kennedy.

Maria Cantwell, a United States Senator from Washington State, extends her gratitude to Rex and Keiko Ziak of OBON SOCIETY for their remarkable achievement in reuniting Japanese Non-Biological Human Remains with their rightful families. Senator Cantwell underscores the deeply personal nature of heirloom return, emphasizing the profound bonds fostered and healed by OBON SOCIETY through its dedicated work.

Dianne Feinstein, a United States Senator who represented California for nearly three decades, extended her heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to OBON SOCIETY. In her letter, she not only acknowledged but also wholeheartedly endoresd OBON's invaluable contributions to this vital process of reconciliation and remembrance. 

In 2016, during the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWll, the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, WA bestowed upon OBON SOCIETY a distinguished honor. The Foreign Minister's Commendation was presented to OBON SOCIETY in recognition of its pivotal role in fostering reconciliation and peace between the United States and Japan.

Nippon Izokukai, the esteemed War-Bereved Families Association in Japan, has been a staunch supporter of OBON SOCIETY since 2014. Their endorsement and collaboration have been indispensable to our mission. Nippon Izokukai's advocacy for OBON's intiatives has even facilitated a partnership with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, enabling the distribution of information about our cause to a wider audience. 

The American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Memorial Society (ADBC) played a pivotal role in facilitating OBON's efforts to repatriate a Yosegaki Hinomaru (Non-Biological Human Remains) from the New Mexico Military Museum. The survivors of the harrowing Bataan Death March, encompassing both Americans and Filipinos, along with their descendants, have historically harbored deep resentment toward Japan due to the events of WWll. However, in a remarkable testament to the power of reconciliation, ADBC has transitioned toward fostering understanding and healing. As part of this transformative journey, they have extended their invaluable support to OBON SOCIETY, exemplifying their commitment to reconciliation and peace.

OBON SOCIETY has been endorsed by Omi Asako, who served as Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan in 2019. Our co-founders, Rex and Keiko Ziak, had the privileged of engaging with Ms. Asako to articulate the imperative for reconciliation between Japan and the United States. They also emphasized the significance of fostering personal peace among Japanese and America veterans, underscoring OBON's commitment to healing and understanding on both sides of the Pacific.